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At She Writes Relationship we take a positive look at life, helping people to discover who they are and how they can use who they are to begin a positive journey towards a lasting relationship.  We help people to stay in relationship by  leading them to discover their individual roles in a relationship so that they could play them well, with God on their sides.  This is a Christian site however, nothing about relationship is off the limit.  God is the author of relationship. Therefore we set out to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers in such a way  never experienced before in matters concerning complete relationship.

Our Services are not limited to,

  • Writing documentaries proposals
  • Project and case studies
  • Grant proposals
  • Help to complete your stories
  • Start and complete your stories and help until you publish it
  • Organize and carry out seminars on prayer and relationship
  • Share our life stories to help you and your ministry.
  • We especially want to hear your stories and help you through your life journey.

Chinyere Adeleke is a Christian Minister, an Author and a Writer.  She is a people’s person. Most of her life she lived as a Christ follower. She had experienced a volume of both positive and negative personal relationships in marriage, family, church, and society at large.  Most importantly, she has an active personal relationship with God and wishes to communicate such experiences to help other people.  She is passionate about utilizing such knowledge, understanding and wisdom gained to help anyone who would need help or wants to help another person in matters of relationship.

She may not have the highest degrees, certificates and diplomas to show for this Godly assignment however, she is qualified and capable academically plus her life experiences to do what she does.  In Nigeria where she started working on this call, she helped young adults to recover from rejection, physical and spiritual abandonment to be certificated in the various areas of careers they chose; some caterers, pastors and authors. She taught children and prepared them for life after the elementary schools. In US, Ontario California, She worked with young adults coaching and mentoring them in general relationship matters in relation to their relationship with God.  Helped people to recover, one at a time from addictions and be reconciled to their families.

Chinyere Adeleke has authored two books both on practical relationship. One, a fiction and the other a non-fiction. She had written  documentaries on Africa that will soon be aired on the Television.

Our constantly updated blogs aim at meeting our customers’ curiosity about God and relationships and satisfy their needs mentally, physically, psychologically and above all spiritually for a rewarding relationship. All together we start creating a more tolerable and serene society from person to person and our individual families to our communities.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  We may not be able to serve you or someone you care about better without your input, therefore we solicit your honest feed backs. We will appreciate your testimonies too.  Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Remain Blessed!

Do not underate relationship because relationship can make and unmake you. Relationship is an institution neglected by man eventhough God instituted it. Here we take care of relationship as it should be.